Yurko Dyachyshyn's project "Terra Galicia" at Victoria Gardens!


Yurko Dyachyshyn's project "Terra Galicia" at Victoria Gardens!

Between July 27 and October 13, 2019, the expanded version of Yurko Dyachyshyn's project - Terra Galicia will be displayed at Victoria Gardens, where the author compares Galicia with another planet.

All will have a wonderful opportunity to open the planet Terra Galicia, as well as other worlds, in particular the world of art and to continue "travel", see art and make their own discoveries. The Victoria Gardens exhibition will be located on an area of ​​over 700 m² and will include an installation on time and colonization of alien space. It is an incentive and encouragement for new searches and experiments. We are waiting for you at Victoria Gardens, 2nd floor (near the ARGO store)!

Photos are published in many international publications, in particular:

New York Times, Telegraph, Der Spiegel, Die Weltwoche, Mirror, La Repubblica, Metronews, De Standaard, Gazeta PL, Esquire Ukraine, L'Hebdo, Los Angeles Times,

The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Feature Shoot, and many others.

The works were exhibited at many personal exhibitions and festivals.

Lives and works in Lviv.