About Victoria Gardens

About Victoria Gardens

The largest in the Western Ukraine shopping mall "Victoria Gardens" -  is an oasis among the stone jungles of Lviv. Thanks to the variety of greenery here throughout the year - 365 days - the true spring continues, and visitors are walking through the evergreen gardens.

102 thousand square meters total area
54.5 thousand trading area
160 stores
multi-level and ground parking for cars.

The complex is located in the Frankivsk region of Lviv at the crossroads of the streets of Naukova and Kulparkivska, near one of the largest residential areas of the city. It has a convenient connection with the central part of the city, the airport, the bus station and the railway yard. In addition, a number of city bus and trolleybus routes are located near the shopping center, and some vehicles will stop right in front of the entrance.

On the ground floor there will be:
Hypermarket - 7 590 sq.m.
Electronics store - 1 804 sq.m.
Household goods - 1358 sq.m.
Textile anchor operators - 3000 sq.m.
Four cafes

On the second floor will work:
Cinema for 6 halls - 3 thousand 404 sq. M.
Children's entertainment area - 1,390 sq.m.
Bowling - 2 065 sq.m.
Textile anchor operators - 3,000 sq.m.
Six restaurants
Eight operators of foodcourt

An intermediate floor with offices will occupy an area of ​​4 141 sq.m.

On the third floor will be placed:
Club with restaurant - 992 sq.m.
Fitness center - 2 452 sq.m.
Terrace - 763 sq.m.