Yellow container - plastic, green container - glass, gray container - mixed waste. Sort the rubbish responsibly!
Between July 27 and October 13, 2019, the expanded version of Yurko Dyachyshyn's project - Terra Galicia will be displayed at Victoria Gardens, where the author compares Galicia with another planet.
Unlimited space and breathtaking travels are what inspired Estro designers to create the new spring-summer collection of shoes and accessories.
The Finnish brand of functional children's clothing is ready for the new season! And you?
We invite you to take part in the first bright two-day "Fashion week by Main people" in the most charming city Lviv! August 30-31, Victoria Gardens Shopping Mall!
Get discount on accessories up to -30%. Details from sales in consultants! July 27, 2019!
Apple room
Colorful Ethnofestival at Victoria Gardens. Kosiv and Kolomyian embroidery, ethnopodium, musical collectives, food zone, entertainment for children and adults, performances by incredible Oksana Mukha and the inflammatory group Kozak System!
Hey, Guys! Do not miss a cool party at Victoria Gardens shopping mall this Sunday! 23.06 from 12:00 to 15:00 we will gather the best city breakers to pump your weekend for all 100%
Lviv is the most unusual city in Ukraine, and its most colorful. It is one the country's of most popular tourist destinations.
May 25 do not miss a crazy Saturday at the Victoria Gardens!
So, come on May 11 at 12:00 on the outdoor parking of the Victoria Gardens shopping mall, select a favorite lot * and go ahead with the wave of adrenaline.