We invite you on December 9th to join our active entertainments with elements of eidetics from the children's center of Kinderwil! It will be all and extremely interesting! 16:00-18:00
Sweet, fragrant, bright and attractive! It is such a wonderful caramel we will cook during the delicious master class from the Lviv Caramel Workshop. Come with the children on the weekend, it will be very sweet :)
Program of cultural and entertaining events 8-9 December
Meet! "Techno Iizhak" at Victoria Gardens is a new island of modern gadgets and accessories for your digital friends. We are waiting for you, 1st floor!
We have opened a new elegant corner of Irene Bukur for women who want and love to take care of themselves. The new Irene Bukur format is a fundamentally different, stylish, laconic design with smart zoning.
Sweet weekend at Victoria Gardens! We invite you with children to the workshop from the Lviv Caramel Workshop. An exciting process of making caramel and, of course, delicious tasting of delicacies awaits you.
Friends, a new store of brand clothing Subrosa has been opened at Victoria Gardens! Home-made clothing for confident women. We are waiting for you at Victoria Gardens, 1st floor.
We invite you to plunge into the incredibly fantastic world of science with us! Kids are waiting for amazing discoveries, interesting and impressive experiments. We are waiting for you on November 17 at 4:00 pm
Does your child dream of becoming an actor of a theater or a star of world cinema?! We invite you to the master class on acting on the 18th of November.
Interactive Cafe Papashon (Music-Hall)
On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the glorious Mickey Mouse mouse, the designers of the House decided to create a separate limited collection, which combines the classical colors of this style - white, red and black.