Start a new advertising campaign from Reserved!


Start a new advertising campaign from Reserved!

Polish actress and singer Joanna Kulig and one of the most popular French fashion bloggers Jeanne Damas together on stage? Can not you say Wait and see all now.

This incredible couple shows the new "I Can Boogie" advertising campaign from Reserved to all fans of fashion and cinema.

Retro vibrations pass through the entire I Can Boogie campaign, and this mood inspires both stars of the Reserved promotional campaign. They represent elegance and sensuality, reminiscent of Hollywood stars of the 1960s or 1970s, but with a certain peculiarity. They also reflect the feminine temperament of those times. They like to flirt and seduce. They add confidence and encourage them to have fun.

And this is just the beginning of these inflammatory dances ... Watch for the following parts of the Reservation campaign. You are also curious about how this Boogie Party will continue? Soon we will find out, since the prime minister of the next part is already 18.09.



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