Zolotyi Vik

Zolotyi Vik

The corporate store of the jewelry factory "Zolotyi Vik" - one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of jewelry.

The corporate store of the jewelry factory "Zolotyi Vik" is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of jewelry. Professionalism and creative approach to work are distinctive features of the trademark "Zolotyi Vik".

The store "Zolotyi Vik" presents jewelry, combining classic and the latest trends in jewelry. The collection from the jewelry factory "Zolotyi Vik" is constantly replenished and already has more than 12,000 items.

Own design studio, creative approach, based on many years of experience, allows designers to create new collections of jewelry made of gold and silver.

When buying jewelry in the "Zolotyi Vik" store, you can be sure of their quality! Our guarantor is a complete technological cycle: from the creation of a sketch to its production and distribution in the retail chain. Italian and German equipment is best used for braiding chains, molding, stamping and laser engraving. Also, for all purchased jewelry there is a guarantee of 3 years for free service.

The collection of wedding rings, created by the jewelers of the plant "Zolotyi Vik", has more than 250 models. The diamond face is applied by the unique multi-purpose machine tool in Ukraine. Many elements of the rings are executed only by hand. Filigree, inlaid with precious stones - all this is the result of handmade jewelers.

The golden age jewelry factory is the winner of the rating "The best enterprises of Ukraine". For the contribution to the development and production of jewelry of impeccable quality, the jewelry factory "Zolotyi Vik" was awarded the diploma of the winner of the national competition "Higher test" and "Brand of the year", which was awarded the International prize "European quality". In the years 2013 and 2015 TM "Jewelry Factory" Zolotyi Vik "became the winner of the International Festival-contest" Choice of the Year "in the nomination" Network of jewelry stores year ".

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Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
1 floor
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