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New collection SOVA & LITKOVSKAYA

In September 2019, the SOVA jewelry house have presented a collection developed with the LITKOVSKAYA brand. The collection includes jewelry - transformers made of yellow gold using malachite and diamonds.

The slogan of this collection continues the internal slogan of LITKOVSKAYA: There is no wrong side.

This collection out of trends and time, creating their own reality. Reality without beginning or end, without a second plan. From here the choice of stones: retrograde malachite, framed in modern shapes, and a solid diamond, surrounded by movable, shape-changing thin chains.

“This collection, like our clothes, is a discovering. Going beyond templates and everyday life, deconstructing meanings and contexts. Fusion of conflicting ideas that form a single plot. Contradicting materials that form a perfect union. Union of a malachite box from childhood and architecture of the new century. This is a visually laconic and simple, but dual result. ”- Lilya Litkovskaya, designer.

“For us, this is the fourth collaboration with a Ukrainian brand. And every collaboration is a challenge. This collection is not an exception, not only in technology, but also in the materials which used in jewelry. We have never worked with malachite before. And it seems to us that in recent years it undeservedly left the jewelry collections. And we are incredibly inspired that we can bring back the popularity of this material through the stylish and modern forms of our SOVA jewelry. For us, collaborations are an important story of the brand, which helps to create unique jewelry, exchange experiences and delight brand fans with non-standard solutions. " - Anna Koval Marketing Director of SOVA.

The theme of transformation and research is reflected in the advertising campaign of the collection, whose face is Tatiana Ruban. While working on the shooting, stylist Natalya Osadchaya and photographer Ksenia Kargina compare the work of Lilya Litkovskaya, how she interacts with materials and space, with how artists work with canvas. Therefore, the actions of the pictures develop against the background of latex canvases, which are refracted, transformed, develop into the heroine's vestments and again fade into the background.

The collection includes 14 models of jewelry made of yellow gold with malachite and diamonds.

New collection For Love

The jewelry collection is traditionally dedicated to Valentine's Day and will appear in stores on the eve of the holiday - February 5.

Part of the proceeds from the sales will be used to fight HIV in Ukraine. The money raised last time by the largest patient organization in Ukraine, BO 100% Life, was used to purchase 1,500 rapid HIV tests.

The money raised last time by the largest patient organization in Ukraine, BO 100% Life, was used to purchase 1,500 rapid HIV tests.

“We are happy to return to cooperation with Ivan Frolov and his team. Collaboration is always a new interesting experience for us, and in this case it is also a social mission that inspires and supports the entire team for the second year in a row,” says Anna Koval, Marketing and Sales Director of SOVA.

The collection consists of 14 pieces, made in white and yellow gold. Ivan Frolov's favorites are jewelry with the symbol of infinity: "Every time we fall in love, we want it to be forever, and feelings last forever."

The new collection includes cuffs, necklaces, rings, hoop earrings and stud earrings that are perfectly combined with each other. Some of the adornments are transformers: rings become pendants, pendants become earrings. The collection again features the image of the heart - the symbol of the FROLOV brand. But this time it is voluminous.


Model and actress Valeria Karaman became the main character of the shooting dedicated to the release of the collection. She recently starred in Robert Eggers' Lighthouse opposite Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Her image embodies the mood of the collection - brave, but a little naive.

Bondi — new collection SOVA

Summer for yourself: gold, chains and anklets in the playful Bondi collection from SOVA

Working on the new Bondi collection, we were inspired by the beauty of the famous Australian beaches and planned to shoot a campaign there. It seemed that our jewelry was created to reflect the brilliance of azure water and the sun: golden, with colored corals, turquoise and pearls, starfishes, turtles and fishes.

Quarantine changed plans at the last moment, but gave the opportunity to slow down and realize that life is beautiful not only on another continent. You can escape the heat of the city and, as in childhood, indulge yourself with berries right from the tree, soft grass under your feet, for hours and thoughts that flow like the juice of overripe fruits.

The Bondi collection is appropriate there too, because we do not change principles and create laconic timeless  jewelry. It contains 20 items: thin chains on the neck, wrists and ankles, earrings-studs, made in white and yellow gold. Sets can be made of them, and long chains can be worn as a bunch of bracelets or jewelry on the waist, adjusting the length with a clasp.

The Bondi collection from SOVA is the perfect match for light sundresses and naked tops, wherever you enjoy yourself and your vacation. After all, every minute of this summer is finally for us.

Baroque ideas: pearls, diamonds and gold lace in the new SOVA collection

The uniqueness of irregularly shaped pearls gave the name to an entire era in art. This was three centuries ago, but unpredictability still thrills the imagination.

The SOVA brand uses non-standard baroque pearls in the new Sophie collection, like the reminding of: rules are only valid due to exceptions. No matter how passionately we would strive for the ideal, we are chosen, remembered and fall in love for our imperfections.

The essence of the baroque lies in a creative attitude to everyday life, in reconciling the rational and the emotional, the classical and the decorative.  Take a look at the Cathedral of St. Sophia of Kiev - a majestic example of Ukrainian baroque and the namesake of the new SOVA collection: gold on white, simple lines and bizarre shapes.


SOVA also made an accent on gold, white and yellow, combined sophisticated chains with extraordinary elements. Based on the ideas of the Baroque, the brand, in fact, was inspired by the contrasts of the Ukrainian reality, in which innovation exists side by side with strong traditions, and creative spontaneity - with the desire for discipline.


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