Fayni Lyodu

Fayni Lyodu

Exciting ice cream and sorbet flavors made by hand, carefully selected products, are waiting for you right now.

Features of natural ice cream:

- High density, which is associated with low air content.

- Unique soft and homogeneous consistency.

- Delicate taste, pleasant aroma, obtained without the addition of artificial flavors.

- Using 100% of traditional recipes and technology.

- Production of desserts only from quality and fresh ingredients, which are procured in proven farms.

- The content of these pieces of chocolate, berries and fruits.

- Low caloric content due to low sugar and fat content.

Cool desserts in vivid variations, sorbets of fresh berries and fruits - this is the choice of gourmets.

We are waiting for you at the Victoria Gardens, 1st floor (near the central entrance)





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MON-SUN: 10:00 - 22:00
1 floor
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