Budynok igrashok

Budynok igrashok

Many parents are thinking about where to buy children's toys, so that they are researching a high-quality, safe, interesting for kids and at the same time inexpensive toys.

Budynok igrashok is the largest Ukrainian chain of toys stores. Our goal is to give, to surprise and to fool a little, filling life with positive emotions. We believe that adults do not exist; therefore, the assortment of the Budynok igrashok store is so wide that it is possible to find a suitable toy for a newborn child as well as for an adult.
A little bit of "boring" figures: 20 years in the market,  52 stores in Ukraine, 15 coverage cities, 650 loyal staff,  50,000 toys,  7 years of online store.

Certified toys
Аfter making a purchase at the store, you can be sure that the toy will be not only beautiful and developing, but also be safe. This is due to the fact that Budynok igrashok works only with manufacturers and official suppliers that provide toy authentication certificates.
Loyalty program
Each new purchase is a guaranteed increase in discounts for all next purchases (from 5 to 15%).
Have you forgotten your loyalty card? Then, name your phone number at the cash desk and you may use your discount to the purchase.
Is your child a birthday? Guaranteed to receive a 15% discount to make the gifts more enjoyable.
For the convenience of choice
We strive to provide the most complete information about the products, which are presented in the Budynok igrashok chain. For this:
• on the youtube channel - video with unpacking and reviews of toys
• On the site - a blog with useful articles
• in social networks - announcements of actions and events
Budynok igrashok is not just a toy store, it's a reputation company that works for the smiles of children.





Toys and baby goods
Opening hours: 
Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
2 floor
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