USUPSO - Japanese brand store for brilliant girls life.

The USUPSO brand is one of the world's leading capitals of modern design and innovation. Brand Concept - "Japanese Trademark for Bright Life".

Today, USUPSO is an international network with more than 1,000 stores in 30 countries. The USUPSO team is confident that every day should be not only comfortable, but also addictive. And daily routines can turn into interesting adventures due to the unusual products of the USUPSO.

USUPSO will always help you if you want to give a cool and useful gift, which will say "Wow! Thanks!".

Everything that surrounds us all that we use every day influences our opinion. The task of USUPSO - to be an endless source of joy and inspiration for its customers. In the range of goods USUPSO more than 3 500 items: cosmetics, utensils, accessories, home goods, gadgets, toys and even clothes. Because every detail is not really a detail, it's an excuse to come in and experience a gentle "feel-and-feel".

Perfumery and cosmetics
Opening hours: 
MON-SUN: 10:00 - 22:00
2 floor
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