Book a meeting with the stylist

Book a meeting with the stylist

Average and recommended duration of shopping: 3- 4 hours.

What you will get:

  • Saving time and money for finding and buying clothes.
  • Only necessary and thoughtful purchases.
  • The clothes are ideally suited and easy to combine with each other.
  • A well thought out and professionally wardrobe.


Shop-support service includes:

  • Seasonal shopping (forming a wardrobe for the season, buying the necessary things).
  • Selection along with a certain event (birthday, secular event, wedding, cocktail, etc).
  • Express shopping (spontaneous, fast, unplanned).


Why should I contact a stylist?

  • We know that, where and how much you can buy.
  • We know the secret of an unsurpassed image and style.
  • We have cards for discounts, which are ready to share.
  • We make shopping as easy and interesting as possible for you.