Book a meeting with the stylist

Book a meeting with the stylist

The service of Shopping will help to forget forever the problems associated with the choice of clothes and received from purchases exclusively positive emotions! Save money, nerves, time, and perfectly choose a wardrobe, learning a lot of useful information on the theme of fashion and style!

Order the stylist-shopper service by calling (098) 0720979 or using the form below:


Average and recommended duration of shopping: 3- 4 hours.

What you will get:

  • Saving time and money for finding and buying clothes.
  • Only necessary and thoughtful purchases.
  • The clothes are ideally suited and easy to combine with each other.
  • A well thought out and professionally wardrobe.


Shop-support service includes:

  • Seasonal shopping (forming a wardrobe for the season, buying the necessary things).
  • Selection along with a certain event (birthday, secular event, wedding, cocktail, etc).
  • Express shopping (spontaneous, fast, unplanned).


Why should I contact a stylist?

  • We know that, where and how much you can buy.
  • We know the secret of an unsurpassed image and style.
  • We have cards for discounts, which are ready to share.
  • We make shopping as easy and interesting as possible for you.