Vinzer Home

Vinzer Home

Unique home products.

The brand VINZER has collected around it the trademarks that it trusts, and has created a multibrand store for home-made goods. There is everything that you have always been clean, tasty and beautiful.

The store offers products for the kitchen and dining room, household items, decor, textiles, gifts. The entire assortment of products is from well-known European brands: Granchio, Leonardo, ASA, Neoflam, FrenchBull, Ghidini, Practitioner, Duca, Sarev. Therefore, buyers can buy products for each room, as well as delight themselves and their loved ones with valuable gifts.

The design of the store is made in eco-style: natural shades and materials predominate. The store is distinguished from competitors by convenient navigation and product placement, skilled personnel, interactive zones, activities and additional services. The VINZER HOME team is a high-end professional who is proud of the company and shares with the buyers.

Key Benefits for Customers:

• affordable prices, special price offers, discounts on loyalty;

• A special atmosphere of shops: furnishings, additional services and excellent service create the most pleasant conditions for purchases.

An important advantage of VINZER HOME is the use of materials and technologies that meet the highest standards of safety and environmental friendliness. This reflects the philosophy of the company, which includes the care of buyers' health, comfort and comfort.

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Goods for the home
Opening hours: 
Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
1 floor