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Shop Top Shop offers home-grown goods, beauty and health of well-known European brands.

Shop Top Shop offers home, beauty and health of well-known European brands:

Dormeo (Dormeo) is a European brand that begins its history in 2002 with the manufacture of mattresses. Today, in the assortment of the brand already more than 100
titles These are pillows, mattress covers, blankets, bed linen for children and adults, blankets, bathrobes and other accessories for sleep.

Delimano - goods for the kitchen, dishes and appliances. The basis of the Delimano trademark is ecologically clean stoneware. This is a new line of dishes that will completely change the classic way of cooking. Get rid of excess oil, fat and burnt foods - with Delimano you will prepare delicious, and most importantly - healthy food for the health of the whole family.
Walkmaxx is a relatively young German brand specializing in the manufacture of special shoes with an innovative rounded sole.
Walkmaxx are chosen because:
- it is shoes that bring health benefits
- this is a wonderful prophylaxis of flat feet
- it's tense muscles and sporty appearance
- it is a natural stroke and an equal posture
- It is high quality at a reasonable price

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