Lee & Wrangler

Lee & Wrangler

The multi-brand conceptual shop "Lee & Wrangler" offers high-quality denim clothing of original American brands, known all over the world.

Wrangler is the legendary brand of American jeans. Straight cut, high landing, heavy (dense) cotton - all about Wrangler jeans. Another distinction of the brand is the special weaving of the fabric "in the Christmas tree". The brand was created by Blue Bell in 1947 and its slogan "Wrangler - forever" is not accidental, because these jeans have their own special category of customers, which is unlikely to change them to something else.

Wrangler is a legend born from the rodeo culture. In the jeans of this brand, there are 7 distinctive differences: flat rivets, a small pocket for coins, a double seam on a coquette over the back pockets that protects their contents, seven straps for the belt, a leather label, with a deep embossed Wrangler word and, finally, a "rope" style a logo that reflects the will and brand spirit of the brand.

Lee - the oldest brand of jeans, founded in 1889 in America and known all over the world. Its founder is Henry David Lee. It was Henry Lee who came up with a zip fastener and contrasting stitching, which became the unchanged attributes of all modern jeans. Lee jeans are known all over the world, primarily due to their unsurpassed quality: a lot of attention is paid to the processing of stitches, and jeans of this brand are always sewn on 100% of natural fabrics.

Lee is a whole story. At first it was only working clothes, reliable and durable. Since then, more than 100 years have passed, the traditions have remained unchanged, and some pairs of jeans are still sewing as a hundred years ago.

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