ARGOSHA is a multi-brand children's clothing store (ARGO company). The store has the following global brands: OVS Kids, Piazza Italia, Penti, Benetton, Desigual, Zippy and Penti.

ARGOSHA - a network of multi-brand children's clothing stores, part of the company ARGO. The wide assortment of clothes and accessories for children will not be indifferent, as there are such world brands as OVS Kids, Piazza Italia, Desigual, Zippy, Benetton and Penti. The first children's conceptual store ARGOSHA was opened in Kyiv on November 20, 2015. ARGOSHA - a comfortable store, because until the parents are looking for newborns for their kids, the kids will not be bored. The shop is equipped with a children's corner with cartoons and other entertainments. ARGO has been putting Ukrainians in the clothing of the most famous brands of the world for over 25 years. ARGO was the first to bring Lee, Wrangler to Ukraine. During this time, ARGO managed to become a giant in the fashion retail market. Today, the company is a leader in the Ukrainian clothing, footwear and accessories market. In 2016 ARGO launched rebranding, including a new logo and a fundamentally new philosophy: ARGO no longer sells clothes - ARGO sells happiness!

ARGO - in love with life.


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Kid's clothes
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Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
2 floor
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