ARGO - a chain of clothing and accessories from the world-famous brands: Benetton, Desigual, Parfois, Orsay, Piazza Italia, Lee Cooper, Mango, Penti, Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, Only, Kenvelo, Time Out, OVS kids.

For convenience, your favorite brands are integrated into multi-brand ARGO stores, which makes shopping a comfortable and high-quality one. ARGO - a network of multi-branded stores that brings together well-known global brands in one place! ARGO strives to make shopping convenient and quality, which is why it offers a number of top brands for every taste: Benetton, Parfois, Penti, Orsay, Desigual, Piazza Italia, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, MANGO, OVS Kids, Only, Lee Cooper, Kenvelo, Time Out. ARGO company for over 25 years is putting Ukrainians in the clothing of the most famous brands in the world. It was ARGO that became the first to bring Lee, Wrangler to Ukraine. During this time, ARGO managed to become a giant in the fashion retail market. Today, the company is a leader in the Ukrainian clothing and accessories market.



Opening hours: 
ПН-НД: 10:00 - 22:00
2 floor
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